About The Mandarin

The Mandarin established as a family run restaurant since 1969.

At Mandarin, many of these varying aspects of selected regions can be savoured and enjoyed.

The sophisticated menu includes the interestingly contrasting tastes of Canton, Peking and Szechuan cuisine. For example, while Peking (Beijing today) is famous for its delicious blending of the vivid flavours of sweet and sour, Szechuan tends to be hotter - more piquant - with exotic dishes from the heart of the Orient. Cantonese, on the other hand, is perhaps the best known style of Chinese cooking.

Also, if there is (very rarely) a dish you would like but does not appear on the menu, the kitchen will do its best to oblige. There is a choice of Special Set Dinners, the 'Peking Feast' and 'Szechuan Feast', plus of course an extensive á la carte menu that offers a particularly interesting array of appetizers. In addition to beers and spirits there is a comprehensive wine list.

An increasing number of visitors, as well as local regulars, return again and again to the Mandarin, each time either ordering their favourites based on Mandarin experience, or to enjoy new adventures in taste and style from the tempting menu.